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S D Associates' production of polling samples assists campaigns and pollsters in reaching the voters needed to complete a poll or recruit a focus group with fewer calls and at a lower cost than the samples produced by our competitors.

That's because we select and produce these samples from current voter files developed for our clients throughout the nation as well as from the most up-to-date voter files in a number of jurisdictions where we provide voter file services to candidates for local, state or national office every year.

S D Associates is a political consulting firm that specializes in providing campaigns and committees with a complete range of computer-related products and services, including the development of comprehensive and current voter files from which we produce mailing labels with carrier routes, voter lists with telephone numbers and laser-printed personalized direct mail.

Our use of current voter files enhanced with telephone numbers acquired from the most current sources available in a magnetic media results in the production of samples that provide campaigns and pollsters with the ability to reach current voters with current telephone numbers in the fewest number of calls possible, saving the campaigns and pollsters time and money.

S D Associates has developed dozens of sophisticated programs to select and produce samples working with many of the major political pollsters in the nation. Our selection begins by sequencing a voter file by town, voting district, alphabetically by street name, street number and alphabetically within a household, ensuring that the sample produced reflects a representative distribution geographically as well as by gender.

We then divide the number of records on the file by the number of completed calls desired by the client, maintaining an even interval between clusters as we pass the file regardless of the number of records that include telephone numbers. We can then select any number of households or voters at each interval that include or exclude records without telephone numbers.

All information available on the record, including name, address, party affiliation, telephone number, date of birth, gender, voting district and voting history can be produced on lists employing a number of different formats or all of this information can be provided on a diskette or magnetic tape.

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Call Steve Donen at 800-786-8377 (US) or 860-278-3434 (CT) to discuss how S D Associates can assist your campaign!

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Mailing Address:

  S D Associates
  P.O.Box 4565
  Hartford, CT 06147

  800-7-VOTERS (US)
  800-786-8377 (US)
  860-278-3434 (CT)